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"Find YOUR Start Line in 2014!" - Mark

Traveling around the country to do the very best events -

Runs, Cycling, Multi-Sport, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball;
just a few of our specialties we have done for over 10 years on 
a National and Local scale for some amazing organizations.

This Race and Event Production Company ALSO has our own radio podcast station!  

We can make commercial spots for your event, broadcast from your location bringing more attention to your event!

I Speak For You is YOUR one stop shop for
  Media and Event Announcing/Marketing requirements. 

What is YOUR Race Announcer doing for you?  

Why put your organization in debt or why wait to find out we are already booked for the date of your event? 
Contact us TODAY at

"Put him down for your future events as he is certainly an "A" Race Announcer; 
he is great and he is the Future of Announcing"

John "The Penguin" Bingham
Competitor Group / Runners World / Author / RnR Announcer

Mark Purnell - John Bingham - Creigh Kelley 
at Rock N Roll Dallas

"For years, I would bring in 2 Announcers to do my event....
until I met Mark. 

Once I handed him the Mic, I have never used another for our Annual Criterium and he does the entire day SOLO! 

Race day is over 8 hours; he is so full of energy and keeps the crowd, sponsors, and racers entertained and informed of the important things all day long!
I would change the dates of my event to ensure he can be there as my Announcer!

- Lee of Houston Grand Criterium 
Owner of Bike Barn

EVENTS     -         RADIO      -      2015 CROSSMEN 1 MILE 


I Speak For You Sponsors! 


The question remains -

 What does YOUR Race Announcing Company do for you?


 6 hours 30 minutes into the Army Marathon, 
Mark had the crowd dancing!

Just a few of our favorite testimonials:

" soon as we schedule our yearly Soccer Match, we knew THE person to contact.  Mark.  Having heard him at the NCAA Div III Championships, as well as the Big 12 Championships, we knew he was both qualified and our guy!   Energetic, professional, caring, approachable."

-- Johnson and Reagan High Schools Soccer Match Coordinator

" ...having traveled the world to run, I can tell you Mark is "that announcer" that keeps the energy and entertainment up no matter how long the time.  From First place to last place, first minute to the last, Mark is THE one you want!  
Professional, personable, caring...THE Announcer you need if you haven't used him and if you have, then I know you have kept him on staff.  Great job every time!"

- Liza Hunter Galvan, 2 time Olympian and Rock N Roll Marathon Champion


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