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 Radio and Event Announcing

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We travel around the country to do the very best events
National Championships, State Championships, 
Charity Events, Local Races and so much More!

Runs, Cycling, Multi-Sport, Soccer, Volleyball
just a few of our specialties we have done for over 10 years.

"Being proudly Retired from the US Military and As a Announcer, 

its never about me 

nor should the announcer you have think its about them,

 its about the folks that are doing their first event, 
the person doing their race for a loved one as a tribute,
the person that people said "you can't," or
the people that are there hours running/cycling after the "elites" finish,

for the person that are being striving to be a "better" them.
The Finish Line is more than just a "Finish Line" - to most as its a life long dream,
 its a tribute to those that motivated the athlete to the finish, 
its a tribute to family and friends that passed on,its a goal that most have given their life for. 
It says "Finish Line" but to alot of folks, its a "Start" to a incredible way of life. 

I'm honored to do what I do and proud to see you all at the finish lines or the "start" of a exciting, new beautiful life. As your humble Announcer, I will be here for you from the first minute to the last." 

- Mark, Chief Talker


April 19-20

Matrix Challenges
Texas Oldest Criterium Races
Garland, TX
info HERE!

April 26th

Windcrest Freshmen Tri
200 meter swim / 10 mile bike / 2 mile run
info HERE!

April 27th

Fiesta Wildflower Charity Rides
benefiting Morgans Wonderland
info HERE!


or you can always 
LISTEN LIVE every Thursday
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Weekly:  from 12NOON - 1PM CST 
"Races and Events" with Coach Gary Brimmer

Bi-Weekly:  from 1:30-2:30pm CST
 "Crossmen Show aka Bones Hour"

Bi-Weekly:  from 8:00-9:00pm CST 
" e-book Club"




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2014 I Speak For You Sponsors! 

If you would like to sponsor and 
get marketing to millions around the world, not to mention thousands at over
60 events a year, 
email us -

You get radio spots for our weekly shows, your websites, as well as links from our website to yours, promotion from our fb/twitter to yours, commercials at over 40 events and so much more!

Information regarding our 2nd Annual 1 Mile Run benefiting the Crossmen can be found HERE!
More about Crossmen can be found HERE!  

What does YOUR Event Announcing Company do for you?
Just two of our favorite testimonials:
" ...having traveled the world, I can tell you Mark is "that announcer" that keeps the energy and entertainment up no matter how long the time.  From First place to last place, first minute to the last, Mark is THE one you want!  
Professional, personable, caring...THE Announcer you need if you haven't used him and if you have, then I know you have kept him on staff.  Great job every time!"
- Liza Hunter Galvan, 2 time Olympian and Rock N Roll Marathon Champion

 "For years, I would bring in 2 Announcers to do my event....until I met Mark. 
Once I handed him the Mic, I have never used another for our yearly Criterium and he does the entire day SOLO! Over 8 hours and he is so full of energy and keeps the crowd, sponsors, and racers entertained and informed of the important things.

  I would change the dates of my event to ensure he can be there as my Announcer! " 
- Lee of Houston Grand Criterium 
Owner of Bike Barn


The question remains -
 What does YOUR Race Announcing Company do for you?
Why try I Speak For You? 
Former Cat 2 Elite Bike Racer, Marathoner, Multisport athlete that competed at the highest level for years including many National Championship events.
An Announcer that knows the "in's and out's" of many different sports as he's competed in them but is also an USA Cycling Official.
 We are fully committed to providing
positive, professional  
Race and Event Announcing
at the lowest prices in the Market. 
Whether it be on the microphone for 18 hours, or in front of one of the major Marathons getting 80,000 fans pumped up, or during one of our 5 weekly Radio Webcast.....wait!  What?
That's correct!! 

This Race and Event Production Company ALSO has our own radio station!
I Speak For You is YOUR one stop shop for ALL Media and Event Announcing/Marketing requirements. 
What is YOUR Race Announcer doing for you?  
Why put your organization in debt or why wait to find out we are already booked for the date of your event?  
Contact us TODAY at


 6 hours 30 minutes into the Army Marathon, 
Mark had the crowd dancing!
 Official Voice of The Crossmen
World Class Drum Corps

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