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Marketing Specialist

2017 "Celebrate Life" Tour continues....

Watch below as we'll be LIVEstreaming:

6 December - Wednesday night

"BCS Marathon Show" 
7:00-8:00pm CST (Texas Time)

Shows presented by:
Williams Racing Academy 

BCS Marathon and Half Marathon is on 10 Dec
and info can be found HERE!

This weeks Podcast Version of the Show on 29 Nov is HERE
with Austin Marathon and 3M Half Marathon! 

Cannot watch?  Just listen HERE!

What does your Announcer do for you?

Be sure to stop by our TV/Podcast Page!

2017 Austin Marathon Mens Champions being interviewed on ispeakforyou.net Webcast at the Expo
the day before he won the race.  Yes, we can webstream shows from your location for even more marketing for you!

"Just a Retired Military Veteran blessed, humbled and honored to be an Announcer for many of THE BEST events ....on this beautiful planet!

  Its truly heart and soul refreshing to see; to be able to cheer in athletes as they accomplish their goals no matter if its a run, bike race, triathlon, gymnastics, or whatever.  Its our job to honor them, salute them and share in that special moment.

  Whether they are participating for themselves or reason not publicly known; or competing for a lost loved one - 

no matter first or last,

 I am blessed to celebrate with each of them!" - Mark

Nothing better in Texas than an awesome event and 
Whataburger to keep us moving!
Good for you, Good for your body....Good for your Soul!

Info HERE!
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So far in 2018 we have scheduled:

The Houston Grand Criterium

 Stop #1 - Info HERE!

Stop #2  - Info HERE!

Stop #3 - Info HERE!

Be sure to click the Williams Racing Academy logo as all shows are proudly 
presented by this amazing and multi-national award winning Coaching Program.

  I would NOT be a Marathon Maniac nor Ultramarathoner without
 Williams Racing Academy:

What can ispeakforyou.net do for you?


-Webstream LIVE the Start/Finish Lines
- Create Sponsor Pods so no sponsor is left unmentioned
- Create radio spots for marketing needs
- Webstream LIVE interviews with you for your event
- Announce your event on Race Day!

*all for the same industry low cost -
 meaning - NO additional cost!
That's correct - Price for one is price for all discussed*  

THE Question remains?

What can your Event Announcer do for you?

Email us today HERE for your FREE quote and see why we are in demand!

Mark interviewing Mr. Frank Shorter on stage at Rock N Roll San Antonio
(More on Frank HERE)

       Special Friends of ours; please click their logos!

Simply put - amazing products to keep you safe!   Be seen 1/4 mile away and return home to your family and friends after your adventures outside!

I wouldn't train for nor run my Ultra-Marathons without Glimmer Gear!

E-Dragon productions is not just another business. 
They make it a priority to make customers happy and excited about the products and custom shirts they received from their company. Their owner has dedicated his life to knowing what customers like and how to go above and beyond unlike any other company.  The quality and timeliness of their products and services is unrivaled by other companies in San Antonio, Tx. We assure everyone of their customers that they will be happy with our work. If for some unlikely reason they are not they will make sure and do whatever it takes make them happy. 

That is why E-Dragon productions makes you look better.

We would LOVE to be YOUR Announcer in 2018!

email us TODAY if our schedule is open on your weekend!


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