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Williams Racing Academy Coach Christian Williams is AH-MAZING!

Due to his hard work and believing, Mark took Christians training plans and not only finished his first 50k and is on way to starting his first 100 mile solo run, 


In February 2017, Mark completed the Surfside Beach Marathon and the Austin Marathon within 16 days of each other and became a Marathon Maniac!  

Thank you so much Christian and nice work Mark! 

Folks, if you are a cyclist and/or runner, contact Christian today.....
he will get you ready for the Start Line and more importantly, get you through the Finish Line!   

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Are you ready to work?  Are you willing to work?

Tired of not getting results?  

Better yet, tired of just missing out on the best YOU can be?  

Want to finally be a better you?  

Then Williams Racing Academy 
is for you and are ready to check off those "I'm tired of...." thoughts

Want to race in Europe in the Summer?  It's possible!

Their motto is so right on - 

The Desire to Succeed Is Worthless

Without the Will to Prepare Properly

Williams Racing Academy 

Ready for you!

Ready to assist you be a better, faster.... you!

From Mark:

As a cyclist, runner and triathlete from 1978 until 2006 (first retirement) and now 2017 - ??, I can honestly say I know many Coaches from around the world that specialize in each 
of those sports.  

Stop being the old you...

be the person that drives off the front of the peloton; 

be the person that sets such a fast Triathlon bike segment that they can't believe your bike doesn't have a motor...

but it does....YOU!

How is that possible?

Williams Racing Academy!

The Williams Cycling Academy has a Nationally recognized staff that WILL 
get you results. 

From those of you racing Road Races, Track, MTB;
 to those racing Triathlon and Multisports.    

How about the next MS150?  

Do you want to clip in knowing you are prepped and really ready?

Do you want to be the person on the course that everyone goes 
"Wow, that rider was strong!"

Then Williams Racing Academy is ready....are you?

  But of course, YOU have to put in the work.  There isn't an app.  

Get in touch with Williams Racing Academy TODAY 
with Christian at (940) 594-2763

Want to test your VO2 Max?  

VO2 Max Test 
We’ll use the Computrainer and 
Nova Biomedical’s Lactate Plus Meter.  

Using your own bike, we will do a performance test and relate heart rate, wattage and blood lactate levels to give the most accurate test possible.  

From this, we can establish your training zones, gauge your current fitness level, establish goals…

or we can simply send all of the data to your own coach for evaluation.

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