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".....Thanks for joining us at the Fargo Marathon week! You are perfect for us and look forward to working with you for many years to come."

Fargo Marathon

Race Director   

 "I sat there for a few moments, and to catch my breath from the chaos of the morning and was listening to you. I actually thought to myself, I couldn't imagine this event without you on the mic and would't want to have anyone else but you!"

Island Girls Triathlon


Mr. Purnell,

I wanted to reach out to you with a most heartfelt thank you. I ran the marathon yesterday to support of my wife who was completing a her first marathon.  

We were fortunate enough to finish when there was a slight break in the finishers and even more fortunate that you ran over to get her name and then ran with us cheering her on to the finish.  

Your voice saying the words “Show us that emotion… Show us that emotion” and “You are a Marathoner, Tessa” will forever remain with both of us.  

I just want you to know that what you do is appreciated more than you know and we will forever be grateful for the role you played in one of the most memorable days in our lives. 

*You have made this event go from a big time event to "This event is (word) amazing and the announcer is phenomenal!

- USAC Cycling Stage Race - Mission Source

Tour of the Southern Highlands

"Mark, I need to tell you what an absolute treat it was having you as our announcer. 

Thank you for your fantastic work! I have been singing your praises to my public relations and marketing colleagues and even to the ZERO race directors in other cities, urging them to book you for their events if they have a need.

You were in your element at the run: setting up with all of your own equipment, interacting with the crowd and our special guests, handling script and agenda changes with ease and grace, and cheering on the runners at the finish line. 

It was more than I could have wished for from an announcer/emcee. You even spontaneously produced an American flag from your car so that we could use it during the national anthem. Dang! You’re good.

Your enthusiasm and ability to improvise pairs perfectly with your expertise and professionalism. You embraced our run with authenticity and passion, and the participants responded to that.

As a harried event planner wearing a ton of hats in the days leading up to the race, I was relieved and thrilled to work with you. 

You made my life easier, made Joni and I look good, and made the run a ton of fun for everyone involved. 

I’m excited to work with you again in the future. - ZERO Prostate Cancer Race Coordinator


"....It's we who should be Thanking YOU, Mark! You do great work and we're looking forward to having you back

for years to come! When you Retire from Announcing it will be from every other event but not ours." 

Executive Director, Chevron Houston Marathon

"......I would move my dates of my event to ensure Mark could be there as my Announcer....."

The Houston Grand Criterium

".....couldn't imagine putting on this event without you as our Announcer! You make the event even greater and to think we've used other more - you are IT!"

Okc-Pro Am 3 day Bike Races


".......My 10th year working Houston and just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the folks with Houston Marathon Committee keep making it better and better! Amazing event! Amazing people! Thanks fellow commentator Mark Purnell for all your hard work! Great working with you! We need to work again more throughout the year - let's make it happen!...."

Whit Raymond - Famed Ironman Announcer and Announcer of Major Events

"....Certainly an "A" Race Announcer and deserves to be at the table! Always a pleasure knowing it would be

Mark with me at Events!....."

John "The Penguin" Bingham

Competitor Group / Runners World / Author / RnR Announcer 

Mr. Mark, Thank you so very much for providing our game day music, Team introductions and the fan favorite trivia games for our 2019 Volleyball Season. It was a blessing to have you there for every home game. Wish we could have had a season for 2020 and have you there with us, for every point and side out! Thanks again!

Roosevelt High School

Varsity Ladies Volleyball Team

"For years, I would bring in 2 Announcers to do my event....until I met Mark. Once I handed him the Mic, I have never used another for our Annual Criterium and he does the entire day SOLO!  

Race day is over 8 hours; he is so full of energy and keeps the crowd, sponsors, and racers entertained and informed of the important things all day long! 

Lee - Owner of Bike Barn Tx

AND Ironman Competitor

" ...having traveled the world to run, I can tell you Mark is "that announcer" that keeps the energy and entertainment up no matter how long the time. From First place to last place, first minute to the last, Mark is THE one you want!  

Professional, personable, caring...THE Announcer you need if you haven't used him and if you have, then I know you have kept him on staff. Great job every time!"

Frank Shorter - Olympic Marathon Champion

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